How Our Stomach Might Tell Us That a Heart Attack Is on Its Way

How Our Stomach Might Tell Us That a Heart Attack Is on Its Way

We all must cope with the fact that heart attacks are very common. For instance, they occur once every 40 seconds in the USA. The good news is that about 90 percent of heart attacks are preventable if we follow healthy diets, do regular exercise, and avoid smoking.

Therefore, even if it’s mostly up to us to not deal with heart attacks, we still have to keep an eye on the ways our body can tell us that such an event might be on its way. One of them is through our stomach’s behavior, and we’ll dive into detail right away.

Beware of heartburn

BestLife raises awareness about the heartburn feeling in the stomach as a possible signal that a heart attack might be on its way. For those unaware, it means a burning sensation in the stomach or chest. Sometimes, acid reflux joins the sensation as well.

This means that we should try to avoid getting the feeling of heartburn. But how do we do that? By figuring out what’s causing it and trying to eliminate those factors, of course!

Greasy and spicy meals or late-night snacks can cause heartburn, which means that we should do our best to avoid them.

BestLife also emphasizes the importance of the gut microbiome, adding that it relates to many aspects of a person’s health.

Mahmud Kara, MD, and an internal medicine specialist, explains about the gut microbiome as quoted by the publication:

It contains millions of neurons that interact with other parts of the body beyond just the digestive tract.

When we are developing in the womb, everything is connected by one long tube. As we develop, that tube may expand into a more complex system but the underlying connection still remains. This is why the gut microbiome is often linked to various health areas such as immunity, cognitive health, heart health, skin appearance, digestion, energy, and more.

Feel free to read the original article on BestLife!

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