Here’s How to Preserve Fruits and Veggies for the Winter

Here’s How to Preserve Fruits and Veggies for the Winter

What better time than summer and autumn to get some fruits and veggies and preserve them for the winter? You can do that and stop buying them from the stores and start making them all by yourself with the different techniques we’ve gathered in a list below.

Use Mason Jars

This is a canning method, but instead of using can, you’re using mason jars. Cook or keep the veggie and fruits raw and use heat the seal and sterilize mason jars. For this technique, you’ll need a pressure canner, canning jars, seals, lids, rings, a pot big enough for blanching and a funnel. By using steam pressure, you not only seal the food inside the masons, but you also sterilize the food so you can preserve it fresh and safe for eating in the winter time.

Drying fruits and veggies

You will remove the water content from the fruits and vegetables in order to eliminate bacteria which need water to survive. For this technique, you can use a dehydrator especially made for fruits and veggies and dry them to a 95% level in order to safely store them in an ambient environment.

Fermenting fruits and vegetables

In order to ferment fruits and vegetables, you will need to add salt, whey or something which will make brine for your fruits and vegetables to ferment. Put the small cut food inside airtight containers and add the brine so that it covers it all.

Freezing fruits and veggies

This is very easy to do but you have to pay attention to a few steps: freeze fruits and veggies on a metal tray and after they’re frozen, put them in airtight bags inside the freezer.

Oil Packing

Use mason jars and store veggies in oil and some vinegar. The oil will prevent bacteria to form and develop and will add some taste to the food.

Pickling Fruits and Veggies

Pickling is simple and you need vinegar, sugar and salt, all boiled and poured on top of fruits or veggies which are placed in mason jars. Seal the jars and store them for a week and they’re ready!


By salting the food bacteria can’t survive. Place veggies in a baking pan and pour over the water. Add a lot of salt and refrigerate them in that water for about seven days. Drain that salty water, cover the veggies in salt and store them in a cool and dry place until the veggies have dried.

Stock your kitchen with your favorite veggies and fruits for the winter by using these easy and healthy preservation techniques.


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