Healthy Food Pairing: These Foods Are Healthier When Eaten Together

Healthy Food Pairing: These Foods Are Healthier When Eaten Together

Certain foods have synergistic relationships with others. The following healthy food pairing ideas provide an excellent nutritional boost and give the opportunity for the palate to try new flavors. Even better, eating certain food combinations will also influence the way your body absorbs nutrients.

Green tea and kiwi

Next time you’re making yourself a cup of green tea, make sure you have a kiwi around. Although tea catechins have antioxidant properties that offer a fat-burning effect, the body absorbs it even better when the vitamin C in the kiwi is added to the equation.

Believe it or not, kiwi is full of vitamins in higher concentrations than oranges, so cut a kiwi in half and squeeze its juice into a cup of green tea for the best results.

Cottage cheese and cranberries

This healthy food pairing is perfect for a snack between meals. Is recommended to mix a handful of cranberries in a bowl of cottage cheese because these small fruits are high in fiber and the cottage cheese is rich in casein protein.

This mix is also useful in weight loss diets because it makes you feel full.

Avocados and spinach

Just because you don’t like carrots doesn’t mean you should give up better eye health. The combination of avocado and spinach can prevent age-related macular degeneration and cataracts that cause vision problems and blindness.

The natural fats in avocado and the antioxidant in spinach work together to improve eye health.

Banana and yogurt

When we exercise we burn glucose, blood sugar levels are minimal, and we also lose nutrients.

To prevent dizziness and to regain strength, you can combine the carbohydrates in bananas with the protein in yogurt into a healthy food pairing that will help you regenerate the energy lost during workouts and keep your blood sugar levels at the optimal level.

Strawberries and kale

Even though kale is food with many health benefits, it’s also healthier when combined with strawberries.

This healthy food pairing, mainly dedicated to vegetarians, improves the iron intake in the body because the iron found in kale is best absorbed in the presence of the vitamin C from strawberries.


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