Green Tea Shot: How Much Alcohol Does It Have?

Green Tea Shot: How Much Alcohol Does It Have?

Mix equal parts of citrus soda, sour mix, peach schnapps, and Irish whiskey. Do that, and you’ll end up with an original and appealing mix that’s known as the green tea shot. This refreshing drink is a wonderful combination of sweet and sour whiskey with a hint of peach, and it will most certainly impress your friends. The green tea shot is traditionally consumed out of a shot glass, but it may also be made into a pleasant cocktail by pouring it over ice. Well, isn’t that just nice?! However, despite the fact that it may seem delicious and really appealing, the green tea shot is, in reality, an alcoholic drink.

You can find more details below, like how much alcohol a green tea shot has and other key facts.

How Much Alcohol Is There in a Green Tea Shot?

Enjoying an alcoholic beverage in the form of a green tea shot is a fun way to do it without compromising on either the flavor or the health benefits of the beverage. This beverage is likely to be a lot of fun because of the combination of its sweet-and-sour taste profile with notes of peach. However, it does contain alcohol.

If you consume a sufficient number of green tea shots, you may find that you become intoxicated. Green tea shots have an alcohol concentration that ranges anywhere from 15% to 20% ABV, making them a relatively strong alcoholic beverage. When partaking in the consumption of green tea shots or any other alcoholic beverage, it is essential to do so in a responsible manner and be aware of your boundaries. Did you know that it takes around three shots of vodka for a person to begin to experience the effects of alcohol?

Key Facts

Because it was traditionally made with Jameson whiskey, the green tea shot is also known as Jameson Green Tea. The use of green tea, which is loaded with antioxidants, has been linked to improved general health and the prevention of cell damage in the body.


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