Foods Significantly Shortening Your Lifespan You Should Avoid!

Foods Significantly Shortening Your Lifespan You Should Avoid!

If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should know that some of your food choices are really affecting that outcome for you.

What you put into your body can make all the difference so it is important to avoid all the foods that are detrimental to your health.

Of course, balance is still the best path so don’t try to cut them all out for good, especially if you enjoy them.

Instead, the secret is to practice moderation and know your body and what it needs.

That being said, here are some of the foods that are shortening your lifespan!

  1. Processed Meat

If you feel like you can’t give up things like sausages or bacon, limit the consumption to once a week.

This is because saturated fats, most often found in processed meat, have been linked to a higher risk of heart disease and other serious illnesses.

WHO research shows that eating only about two slices of bacon every day, can increase one’s risk of death by no less than 34 percent!

The organization also points out that processed meat has been linked to cancer, being classified as a Group One carcinogen.

Furthermore, a University of Michigan study found that no more than 61 grams of processed meat can lead to losing 36 minutes of life.

On the other hand, a serving of nuts adds 26 minutes of healthy life.

  1. Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks such as soda and others, tend to contain a lot of calories and unhealthy sugar.

Regular consumption can cause obesity as well as tooth decay.

Instead, you should try to replace them with water or tea since they are calorie free and will not affect your teeth while also providing the perfect amount of hydration throughout the day.

If you need an energy boost, opt for coffee or herbal tea as they will not shorten your lifespan.

  1. Fried Food

It’s no secret that fried food is filled with bad cholesterol and unhealthy fats.

They can cause heart disease as well as other health issues so avoid eating fried food as much as possible.

Instead, choose other cooking options such as baking, air frying and grilling.

  1. Food High in Sugar

Just like sugary drinks, sweets can also cause serious issues such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Make sure to go for healthier snacks whenever you crave something in between meals, such as seeds, nuts, fruit or whole grain crackers, to name just a few options.

If it has to be something sweet however, make sure you have a small portion.

  1. Dairy Products

Dairy is high in saturated fat and cholesterol and it can also cause a variety of health issues such as allergies.

Instead, try to replace dairy products with their vegan alternatives, such as almond or soy milk.

  1. Sodium

Food that is high in sodium can cause high blood pressure and other health issues.

Try to include more fresh veggies and fruits in your diet as they are low in sodium and just healthy and nutritious in general.

  1. Alcohol

It’s no secret that alcohol is never good for you.

It can really damage the liver and other internal organs, causing a variety of health problems in the long run.

If you must consume alcohol, limit your intake to one glass per day.


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