Expert Reveals How Incredibly Dangerous It Is to Consume Fallen and Half-Eaten Fruits Without Washing Them

Expert Reveals How Incredibly Dangerous It Is to Consume Fallen and Half-Eaten Fruits Without Washing Them

Surely you’ve already guessed that it’s a bad idea to eat fruits gathered from the ground, especially if they already have signs of other bites on them. But what an expert has to say will surely make you even more reluctant to try such a thing. reveals that an expert raises awareness about the afore-mentioned behavior. Let’s try and give him credit for that, as our health should always be privileged and given good care!

“A very dangerous habit”

The expert in question is Dr Ashutosh Biswas, who is a Professor at the Department of Medicine at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He says it loud and clear, as cited by

Eating the fallen half-eaten fruits, that too without washing them, is a very dangerous habit.

He further explains, as quoted by the same publication:

The temptation of eating fallen fruit, especially without washing it, is the first step from where spillover from animal to human begins,

Fruit bats are the carriers of the virus, and they are the main cause of transmission. Fruit bats live in a specific geographical territory. If they fly to other places, naturally this virus can be transmitted. We don’t have specific treatment for the disease. also confirms that it’s dangerous to eat unwashed fruits, adding that such an action can lead to ingesting harmful bacteria, which is possibly present in the soil or even pesticides.
According to an estimation of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), roughly 48 million people get sick every year because of contaminated food consumption.
The New York Times informs us that rinsing fruits and vegetables for five to 10 seconds is usually enough as long as you’re covering the entire surface of the items.


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