Everybody Talks about Weight Loss – But How About the Major Benefits of Quitting Alcohol?

Everybody Talks about Weight Loss – But How About the Major Benefits of Quitting Alcohol?

Better skin

When people stop drinking alcohol, they often notice a change in their skin. They find that their skin looks better, and they feel cleaner.
It is not true, for instance, that dehydrating your skin takes away its natural oils. It is true that alcohol dehydrates your skin, and that your skin’s natural oils are water. But dried-out skin looks flakey, and flaky skin looks older, which is why older people often complain that their skin looks drier than it used to be.
Alcohol also causes dehydration of the other parts of your body. And your skin is your body’s largest organ. So when you start to drink again, your skin will start to look much better.

Better sleep

Alcohol also disrupts your sleep. When you drink, your brain sends signals to your body to slow down your breathing, heart rate, and metabolism, so you get to sleep faster. When you stop drinking, the brain sends signals to the body to speed up these natural processes, so you get to sleep more slowly. 

Effectively losing weight

While alcohol does contain calories, it is no worse than many other foods, and for many people, it can actually be better for you.
In general, the less alcohol you drink, the more weight you are likely to lose. But, while alcohol isn’t completely harmless, reducing your intake can be an effective way to lose weight.

More time

So when you stop drinking, you suddenly have a lot more time. And suddenly you realize that you never had as much time as you thought you did.
This is a breakthrough. Suddenly, you realize that you actually have a lot more time than you originally thought you needed to do the things you want to do.
And you have more time to do things you assumed you couldn’t do. So you finally take that trip you always wanted to go to. Or you write that book or see that person you always wanted to ask out.


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