Eating Mango Peels: Good or Bad Idea?

Eating Mango Peels: Good or Bad Idea?

The skin of one of the most delicious fruits, mango, is often peeled off and discarded before the fruit itself is consumed. Despite the fact that this crust is typically thrown away, you might as well keep it and eat it. It has a relatively high concentration of nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and it is an excellent source of nutrition. But how healthy is the mango skin, and how can you eat it properly?

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Are the Peels of Mangos Edible?

The mango is a type of tropical fruit that is well-known for both its sweet flavor and its high nutrient content. The green skin of the mango will become yellow, red, or orange before the fruit is completely ripe. The color of the skin changes depending on the kind of mango. But here’s the thing. Despite the possibility that it may have positive effects on one’s health, it is not fully recommended for consumption.

There have only been a few studies that demonstrate that the skin of a mango includes several necessary plant chemicals, including vitamin E, carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin C, and fiber. Other studies have shown that those who consume diets high in carotenoids, vitamin C, and polyphenols have a lower likelihood of heart disease and cognitive decline than those who do not consume diets with these components. That’s rather impressive!

Possible health risks associated with eating mango skins

Urushiol is a liquid made up of organic chemicals that are also present in poison oak and poison ivy, and it may be found in the peels of mangoes. As a consequence of this, eating mango skin might result in a rash that is itchy and causes inflammation. There is also the possibility that the mango peels contain remnants of pesticides, which are used to combat diseases and insects that are harmful to the crop.

How can you eat the peel of a mango?

It is imperative that the mango skin be adequately washed before consumption, either with plain water or a particular fruit and vegetable washing product, in order to eliminate any pesticide residue that may be present. For example, try introducing several slices of mango with the peels to a smoothie in order to cover up and tone down the slightly bitter flavor.


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