E. Coli Was Found In Gold Coast broccoli And It Was Withdrawn From Canada Stores

E. Coli Was Found In Gold Coast broccoli And It Was Withdrawn From Canada Stores

The well-known store Costco from Canada is not selling anymore the Gold Coast broccoli that comes in plastic bags because it was found that it was supposedly contaminated with the E.coli O26 bacteria. The E.Coli is an extremely dangerous bacterium that can cause, in some cases, life-threatening symptoms.

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the product was distributed among retailers in British Columbia and it is advising the consumers not to be deceived by the product’s look because even if it does not look or smell spoiled, the Gold Coast broccoli still has the potential of contaminating them.

Up to this point, there were no cases of E.coli infection recorded that are linking to the Gold Coast broccoli, but there are still some uncertainties since costumers could still have some unopened or unused bags of this branded broccoli in their homes.

However, in order to determine if the customers have this kind of recalled product, they should check the information written on the package that includes the product’s name, Gold Coast “Broccettes – Broccoli Florettes“, the weight of the bag, 908 grams, the date code of 12th of August, 2017 and its UPC number of 735844000335.

If the customers did use the product and ate it, they should pay close attention to the ulterior symptoms that can appear: mild or severe abdominal cramps accompanied by watery or bloody diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. In the most threatening situations, the individual can even experience seizures or strokes, may need blood transfusions, kidney treatment or dialysis and if the symptoms are left untreated, that can have tragic repercussions.

What is most important is that people should be informed about the consequences and symptoms that can appear after eating this kind of product and if they do notice the aforementioned symptoms, they should seek medical help immediately and also inform their medics about the possibility of being contaminated with the E.coli for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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