Diet Quality More Important Than Calorie Intake: The Carbohydrate-insulin Model

Diet Quality More Important Than Calorie Intake: The Carbohydrate-insulin Model

Weight loss and dieting have been important parts of our lifestyles as humans tend to do less physical activity during the day and to eat more processed food than ever before. The most typical advice we can get from health providers and fitness trainers is to limit our calorie intake and this way we will lose weight. However, a new carbohydrate-insulin model could change the way we eat.

Cutting down processed food and carbs might be the key

Although our sedentary lifestyles, eating habits, and environmental factors are the main culprits in the battle against obesity, most of us still struggle to find the perfect way to lose weight. Contrary to most popular diets that limit our daily calorie intake and exercise regularly, a new diet or eating habit could be the answer we were all looking for.

The carbohydrate-insulin model

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition mentions that it is essential to eliminate the consumption of processed carbohydrates if we want to get rid of body fat. This means that we should avoid consuming starchy and processed carbohydrates, which increase our glucose levels resulting in our body storing unnecessary fat. Our focus needs to be shifted from calorie deficit towards a carbohydrate-insulin model. Calorie restriction is not the only way to lose weight and biologically activate the fat-losing process in our bodies.


Quality foods play a big role in the weight loss process

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The experts further explain that food quality is essential. Calorie-deficit diets are hard to follow; therefore, our body tends to give up quickly. We can lose weight without calorie-counting by focusing more on eating quality food and avoiding processed grains, potato products, and free-sugar products. The latter are sugars that we do not find in fruits and vegetables and should be avoided. Fats and proteins, fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables, nuts, and other healthy carbohydrates should be ingredients in our daily diet.
The conclusion is that when we eat processed food full of carbohydrates, our body stores fat, and we will be hungry more often. If we eat healthy fats and protein, the hunger feeling will disappear.


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