Children Consume Cannabis Too Much Through Apparently Harmless Meals

Children Consume Cannabis Too Much Through Apparently Harmless Meals

It can be a lot easier to get cannabis into your body than you might know, even without your knowledge. New research finds that packages of chips or candy make children get cannabis into their system at a staggering rate, and it’s another example that looks can be very deceiving.

A new study published by three emergency specialists in Illinois that Insider tells us about has found that children under the age of 6 are consuming cannabis at alarmingly high rates. Between 2017 and 2021, reports of cannabis exposure in young children increased by 1,375%, according to data collected by America’s Poison Centers. This trend is not limited to young children, as older kids are also consuming cannabis-infused products. These products, which are similar in appearance to popular snack foods like Doritos, Nerds, Fritos, and Haribo gummy bears, are intended to be sold to and consumed by adult population in the US, but they are unfortunately making their way into the hands of young children.

Children might even require a ventilator after consuming cannabis

The effects of cannabis on children might be very severe, as the little ones can have seizures, hallucinations, or even require a ventilator after losing their ability to breath normal.

Kaitlyn Brown, the clinical managing director at America’s Poison Centers, reveals the possibility of the later scenario. She also stated, as Insider quotes:

That is a really rare portion of children, but I think it’s important to highlight that those severe complications have been reported just because cannabis is considered to be really safe by a lot of adult users and experienced users, but we’re definitely seeing how differently toxic doses impact children just because they’re able to ingest larger quantities of these cannabis products.

Did you know that cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years? In fact, it’s one of the oldest crops in the world! The ancient Chinese used it to make rope, paper, and other products, and it was also used medicinally to treat a variety of ailments. In ancient India, it was used in religious ceremonies and was considered a gift from the gods.


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