Breakfast Cereals Contain Weed Killers, According To New Research

Breakfast Cereals Contain Weed Killers, According To New Research

A new report claims that a large number of cereals feature trace amounts of a controversial herbicide which may be linked to an increased risk of cancer. An environmental advocacy group elaborated the report. The group, which has ties to the organic/bio food industry, tested several 21 favorite products.

The results infer that all of them have a high level of glyphosate, which was considerably more significant than what the researchers of the organization deemed to be the appropriate level for children.

On the other side of the battle, the manufacturers claim that their products are quite safe. The new information isn’t surprising since, in a previous test which took place in October, the organization discovered that most of the breakfast cereals which were tested contained glyphosate, an active ingredient in famous weed killer.

Breakfast Cereals Contain Weed Killers

The new report comes in the wake of two legal decisions which concluded that the herbicide was responsible for causing cancer. In March a federal jury decided that the weed killer, which is sold under the name of Roundup, played an essential role in producing a cancer case.

A similar decision as the before-mentioned one was taken in May when California jurors ordered Monsanto, the manufacturer of weed killers, to pay $2 billion in damages to a couple which sued the company because extended exposure to the product caused their cancers. The decision will undergo an appeal, but it estimated that more than 11,000 similar cases are currently pending in both state and federal corps. Bayer AG, which bought Monsanto recently, has stated that the product is safe. A spokeswoman said during a press release that products which contain glyphosate are safe to use when the instructions are followed.

The company produced all of the products mentioned in the report has also stated that most crops which are grown in a field will feature trace amounts of pesticide. However, select sources note that the company has decided to minimize the use of pesticides on crucial ingredients.

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