Bottled Water Contains Plastic Particles Which Can Affect Our Health

Bottled Water Contains Plastic Particles Which Can Affect Our Health

According to a new study, from the 250 bottles of major brands that have been tested, 93% contain plastic particles. If this information turns out to be accurate, will be a real problem.

The new study made a lot of noise already

The study seems serious and it has been conducted by the researchers from a university from New York and an NGO who claimed they have found that 93% of the bottled water present micro-particles of plastic invisible to the naked eye, such as polypropylene, nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate.

However, we do not yet know the effects of the accumulation of plastics in the body but some ecologists and doctors, as well, consider that plastic might lead to some serious health problems.

Tap water or bottled water?

According to the World Health Organization, the tap water might contain lead, mercury, cadmium, and chlorine, all of which are totally harmful to humans’ health. Also, nickel and arsenic are also found in tap water and they are equally dangerous to humans’ health.

But, since this new study showed that bottled water is also contaminated with plastic particles, a simple question arises – Tap water or bottled water?

The only advice the specialists give is to choose only pure bottled water or to buy water filters to obtain pure and healthy tap water.

Which water to choose for babies and kids?

First of all, more than 3/4 of children’s and adolescents’ drinks are sweetened or flavored. So, parents should teach their kids to drink more water but, with this new alarming study, it seems difficult to choose a healthy bottled water for kids and teenagers.

Giving pure water for kids is mandatory since their bodies are under development and any intake of toxic contaminants from water could seriously affect them.

However, there are some bottled water brands that are specially created for kids and are bottled in glass recipients. Therefore, they undergo more purification processes and are also not affected by the plastic recipients.

Until the study will be proven true, the best solution remains using tap water filtration systems.


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