Blueberries – the Miracle Food for Keeping Your Brain Sharp in Old Age!

Blueberries – the Miracle Food for Keeping Your Brain Sharp in Old Age!

If you are looking for something pretty easy to stick to that can help you age well and that will keep your brain sharp even in your later years, here is the number 1 food you should eat, according to a Harvard nutritionist!

That’s right, it turns out that just by eating the right “brain boosting foods” you can decrease the risk of neurological problems significantly later in life as well as improve your mental health and stay focused and sharp!

The good news is that there are quite a few options so you can always look at the list and choose a bunch of foods that suit your taste so keeping healthy doesn’t feel like a chore but like a delicious treat!

From leafy greens like kale and spinach to nuts such as walnuts and almonds, they are great brain boosting foods that will make you healthier and happier.

However, according to the expert nutritionist, the number one food that will keep your brain sharp and healthy as you age is blueberries!

That being said, just make sure to add half a cup of blueberries per day as part of your diet.

You can very well use frozen ones too but make sure there are no added preservatives, sugars or juice.

Not only are they super delicious, but they’re also widely accessible and versatile – the perfect breakfast or dessert ingredient!

And that’s not all! Here are some other good reasons you should start incorporating blueberries into your diet!

  1. They are flavonoids rich

Flavonoids are plant compounds that come with a bunch of different health benefits.

One such benefit, studies have shown, is lowering one’s risk of developing dementia later on in life!

More precisely, a 2021 research that surveyed 49,493 women with an average age of 48, as well as 27,842 men with an average age of 51, showed that consuming at least half a serving of flavonoids rich foods can lower the risk of cognitive decline by no less than 20 percent!

  1. Blueberries are also filled with antioxidants

They are packed with anthocyanins, a sort of antioxidant that is responsible for their amazing color as well!

Aside from that, anthocyanins support a healthier tolerance to stress and promote anti-inflammation all throughout the body but especially in the brain.

Other antioxidants found in blueberries and other plants, phytonutrients, also protect the body and brain from inflammation and the cells from any other damage!

  1. They contain folate

This vitamin allows neurotransmitters to function properly which is great since they deal with cognition and mood.

Furthermore, improving folate status is generally beneficial to cognitive age, brain health and mental health.

  1. Blueberries are rich in fiber

There is a strong connection between the brain and the gut so taking care of your digestive system is equally as important for your cognitive health.

Furthermore, fiber also decreases inflammation while feeding the gut’s good bacteria.

Since blueberries are rich in fiber, they improve microbiome health and reduce inflammation in both the brain and gut.

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