Bloating, What Causes It? And 3 Anti-Bloat Tips To Follow

Bloating, What Causes It? And 3 Anti-Bloat Tips To Follow

Bloating is a condition when your stomach feels full and tight. It often causes discomfort, pain or an odd sensation that makes you feel full even when you haven’t eaten. Bloating is quite common and just about everyone experiences it from time to time. Some people are more prone to bloating than others.

In most cases, bloating does nothing more than temporarily make your belly look fat. However, it can be uncomfortable and painful at times. Also, some people experience bloating so frequently that it interferes with their daily activities and quality of life.

In this article, we’ll list the best strategies to prevent bloating and give you a list of foods to avoid if you’re prone to get bloated often.

If you want to reduce bloating and banish the belly bloat for good, it’s important to understand what causes it in the first place. The following are some of the most common reasons why you may be bloated:

  • You’re eating too much. If you overfill your stomach at any given meal, it can cause gas to build up in the intestinal tract, which can lead to bloating. Many people don’t realize how much they eat until they start tracking their food intake.
  • You’re eating too quickly. If you eat too fast, air gets trapped in your digestive system, which can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Eating quickly can also cause indigestion and heartburn because there’s not enough time for your digestive enzymes to break down your food properly before it hits your small intestine.
  • Keep an eye on salt intake. Eating too much sodium leads to water retention, which causes bloating and discomfort. Too much sodium can also lead to high blood pressure over time. To avoid bloating, cut back on processed foods like cold cuts and canned soup, choose fresh produce and eat home-cooked meals as often as possible.

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