Best Healthy Carbs to Eat More Than Usual

Best Healthy Carbs to Eat More Than Usual

People generally think it’s bad to eat carbs, but this is not true. More often than not, we fall prey to a binary way of thinking, classifying foods into good or bad. However, this is a more complex issue than you might think, and the “good or bad” dilemma differs according to age, gender, number of times you eat something, moment of the day etc.


Many people think that potatoes are bad because they are high on carbs. However, truth is that they are full of potassium and vitamin C, plus they’re kind of unlikely to be a source of protein. Moreover, you can get fibers into your system if you eat a potato with the skin on.

Whole grains.

The difference between refined and whole grains is the fact that the refined ones go through a particular process that removes certain components that are healthy for the body. Basically the grains remain without the good things, bring just a carbohydrate that you can digest easily and give you a sugar rush.

Extra sweet fruits.

Indeed fruits such as melons, bananas and grapes have a high sugar content, but why would that be bad? Eating fruits is healthy in general, and it’s better to eat an extra sweet one than not eating any at all, as long as it’s part of a healthy and balanced diet.


Another misconception is the fact that legumes such as black beans, lentils and chickpeas have a high carbohydrates content, which is why they’re not good. This might indeed be true, but at the same time they are great for offering fibers and proteins.

Vegetables high in starch.

Even though they have a high starch content, this doesn’t mean that they’re bad for your body. For example, peas offer protein, while corn provides lots of fiber, so there’s no reason to exclude them from your plate. However, keep in mind that these belong to a totally different category than carrots and kale, so pay attention when making the portions for a particular meal.


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