Avoid THESE Foods if You Care About Your Gut Health – Doctors Never Eat Them!

Avoid THESE Foods if You Care About Your Gut Health – Doctors Never Eat Them!

Most medical professionals and nutritionists are aware that entirely depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy will have the opposite effect, making you eat much more than is healthy in the long run.

However, there are some foods that gastroenterologists, medical professionals who focus on maintaining the health of your gut and digestive system, advise avoiding 99% of the time.

Such foods will not shorten your lifespan if you occasionally consume but when it comes to GI doctors. They’d rather avoid them altogether.

Here are some of them!

  1. Protein Bars

Dr. Harmony Allison claims that while some are better than others—like those made with actual fruit and nuts—she never consumes the ones that are heavily processed.

Protein bars with a high level of processing in particular can cause gas and bloating.

Gastroenterologist Harmony Allison, noted that “I never consume ‘protein’ bars. They tend to be quite highly processed and also contain lots of additives that are of unknown utility. You can get the same number of proteins in a cup of milk, or in a serving of peanut butter, even nuts or pumpkin seeds.”

  1. Processed Meats

There aren’t many people who can easily say no to a few pieces of flavorful bacon or to a hot dog, but Dr. Rabia De Latour avoids processed meats such as these. To be noted that the same thing can be said about cold cuts.

Dr. De Latour shared that “Red and processed meat has a higher risk of colorectal cancer. Data has linked ingestion of red and processed meats 4 or more times a week to as high as a 20 percent increased risk of colon cancer.”

  1. Deep-fried foods

While delicious, foods like fried chicken and even fish, are not good for your digestive system.

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum explained that “Studies have shown that oil could adversely modulate the gut microbiome, leading to a buildup of fat and other substances on the artery walls.”

In the long run, the buildup can cause strokes, heart attacks and other serious health issues.

  1. White bread

Refined grains are bad for your gut as well, accoridng to Dr. Shilpa Grover.

The expert stated “Studies that have evaluated dietary patterns have shown clearly that a high intake of red and processed meats and refined grains is linked to an increased risk of inflammatory pouches in the digestive tract. Contrary to what was believed earlier, nuts, corn, and popcorn aren’t associated with an increase in the risk of developing diverticulosis, or other complications like diverticulitis or bleeding.”

However, when it comes to eating a diet high in refined grains and red meat, your gut health isn’t the only thing that you need to watch out for.

She added that “Those same diets recommended to decrease the risk of health conditions including diabetes, coronary artery disease and even cancer, including colorectal cancer, are likely to decrease the risk of diverticulitis as well.”


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