Are You Eating Too Much Meat? Here’s How Much Meat You Should Consume, According To Researchers

Are You Eating Too Much Meat? Here’s How Much Meat You Should Consume, According To Researchers

Many of the most popular diets nowadays promote meat consumption, but this tendency quickly became an extreme one as many people are consuming more and more meat on a daily basis. But, are you eating too much meat and when the meat consumption becomes unhealthy? Here’s how much meat you should consume, according to researchers.

Well, eating meat has its benefits, and the most beneficial effects it has on your health would be a greater proteins intake. Even though the proteins are essential macronutrients for muscles and metabolism, as well, no proteins consumption rate would fit all individuals’ needs.

“Protein needs depend on many factors, like age, activity level, health status, and weight, and can vary widely. Many people eat way too much protein, while others may not be getting enough,” said  Jillian Kubala, dietician, for POPSUGAR online magazine.

Jillian Kubala recommends eating proteins at every meal, be them from animal or vegetal sources.

Are you eating too much meat? Here’s how much meat you should consume to be healthy

According to the researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), people should eat up to 0.8 grams of proteins per pound of bodyweight. That would equate to about daily consumption of 120 grams of proteins for a regular 150 pounds weighted individual.

However, when it comes to meat consumption, the things are different, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). As Dennis Gage, MD, FACP, explained it, a healthy individual has to limit lean meat intake to up to 170 grams per day. Additionally, the AHA recommends limiting low-fat meat consumption to 4-5 servings per week and avoiding, as much as possible, the red meat consumption, along with saturated fats, sweets, and sweetened beverages intake.

Furthermore, a recent study carried out by the WHO asserted that too much red meat links to colorectal cancer.

In conclusion, if you are eating too much meat, be it lean meat or red meat, you might expose yourself to severe dehydration, which can trigger kidney conditions, cardiovascular diseases, and even colorectal cancer.


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