5 Natural Spices That Will Increase Breast Milk Production 

5 Natural Spices That Will Increase Breast Milk Production 

Being able to breastfeed should be considered a blessing. Infants need a substance called colostrum which is found in the mother’s breast milk. But it is not just that. Breast milk is actually the most natural and important food that is given to the new-born.

Just to make sure that mothers around the world are well aware of the aforementioned facts, many initiatives have been created. The World Breastfeeding Week is one of them and its purpose is to let mothers know how important is to breastfeed your newborn in the first six months.

Of course, not all mothers can produce milk for their infants or they produce milk in insufficient quantities. Some of them are unable to do just that due to illnesses, hormonal changes or even some nutritional problems. This is the moment when they have to find solutions or a replacement for the milk. The second isn’t really recommended by doctors, but they advise the mothers to get a little help from Mother Nature, to be more specific, a help from natural spices.


You can’t say that this herb is difficult to find, so it’s very easy to get it and boil it in fresh water. Just like this, you are stimulating the glands responsible for milk.


Best Indian natural remedy against gastric issues, cumin can also help you in the breastfeeding process. Its seeds also contain a lot of iron which is vital for the mothers.


The garlic is a remedy against many problems and its benefits were known even in the previous era. Garlic has a long history of treating diseases as well.


Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with honey and milk and enjoy the results. It will increase the milk flow.

Methi Seeds

These seeds are one of the oldest remedies in the history and they are used for many problems. They can also boost the activity of the mammal glands.

The doctor’s advice regarding even natural treatment should also be taken into consideration.


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