5 Foods That You Should Never Wash Before Cooking Or Eating

5 Foods That You Should Never Wash Before Cooking Or Eating

Adequate washing of food products is essential to prevent specific health problems caused by bacteria, for example. But, exaggerating with this habit is not a healthy approach because there are foods that can get contaminated after washing them only. Here are 5 foods that you should never wash before cooking or eating.

Some foods, such as vegetables and fruits, should be washed before consumption, to avoid contamination with bacteria and other germs when eating these products. However, several experts point out that some types of food should never be washed before cooking or eating because they would be contaminated through a process known as cross-contamination which involves the spread of bacteria from one food to another, or to our hands or kitchen utensils.

5 foods that you should never wash before cooking or eating


Eggs, for example, should not be cleaned and then stored as they would lose their protective membrane that prevents bacteria from breaching the interior. In fact, many specialists have already warned about this situation.

Raw meat

The same goes for fresh meat. It is one of the most explicit examples of cross-contamination, as bacteria can end up in kitchen cloths, utensils or other foods.

In the case of raw meat, the bacteria die by cooking at high temperatures, so no need to risk contamination by washing this kind of products.

Raw fish

Raw fish that is readily prepared for cooking falls under the same category as raw meat and eggs.

However, as some specialists point out, if it’s freshly fished, the fish should be washed and adequately prepared for cooking by eliminating its scales and eviscerating it.

Packed salads

Commonly sold in supermarkets, packed salads have already passed through the sanitization process. Thus, you should never wash them because you’d expose them to contaminants.

Boiled pasta

It is a common habit to pour cold water over the prepared pasta before using this food in various preparations. In fact, after cooking pasta and exposing it to water, you’ll only cause the loss of starch, nutrients, and even texture.

Now that you know these 5 foods that you should never wash before cooking and eating you can avoid contamination much better and enjoy every meal with your beloved ones.


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