5 Foods That Damage Your Brain Significantly

5 Foods That Damage Your Brain Significantly

A couple of months ago we talked about 5 habits that damage your brain significantly, and now is the time to learn about 5 foods that damage your brain significantly.

We all know that foods are an essential part of life and that healthy food can, well, maintain us healthy. But what if I tell you that some healthy foods are not good for the brain?

Let’s learn about 5 foods that damage your brain significantly but which we consider healthy, or at least we consume frequently.

White Rice

A 2015 study showed that post-menopausal women who eat a lot of high glycemic-index foods are exposed more to depression. White rice falls into the category of high glycemic-index foods, along with potatoes, cornflakes, and white bread, among others.

Sweetened Fruit Juice

Drinking fruit juice instead of sugary drinks like sodas seems like a healthy choice, but it is one of the 5 foods that damage your brain significantly.

When everything is cut to sugars intake, fruit juice is as harmful as Coke, for example, when it is not taken raw without any added sugar. That has been proven during a study conducted on lab mice fed with sweetened fruit juice. The researchers observed that the mice’s long-term memory was affected, as well as their cognitive flexibility.


According to the Harvard School of Public Health, cheese and pizza represent the most eaten sources of saturated fats in the US. The researchers proved that cheese, due to its high content of saturated fats, can cause memory impairment and alterations at the hypothalamus level, which is known to be the part of the brain that controls body-weight regulation.

Fried Foods

Consuming fried foods in excess is damaging the blood-brain barrier which is responsible for the flow of nutrients to the brain. Also, fried foods increase the “bad” cholesterol levels in the body and increase the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Foods Rich In Trans Fats

As the WHO recommended the governments to take measures to eliminate trans fats from the commercialized products, the FDA in the US is struggling to respect the recommendations by the end of 2018. However, many products are still containing trans fats, including margarine, popcorn, pizza, coffee creamers, and so on.

According to several studies, trans fats are affecting the memory and the cognitive function, and are also literally shrinking the brain, so there’s no wonder why they are the most dangerous among these 5 foods that damage your brain significantly.


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