10 Things About Coffee That You Possibly Didn’t Know About

10 Things About Coffee That You Possibly Didn’t Know About

Are you a coffee lover? Here are 10 things about coffee that you possibly didn’t know about. The caffeine component in coffee is very well-known for its energy boosting effect but coffee and caffeine, in special, possess some less-known properties.

The health benefits of drinking coffee are varied and include pain relief, fatigue postponement, muscular cramps relief, energizing effect, diuretic, and many more. Even more, all these coffee health benefits are backed up by science.

10 Things About Coffee That You Possibly Didn’t Know About

  1. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, which helps prevent certain diseases such as cancer, premature aging or cardiovascular diseases. In addition, coffee polyphenols last up to 14 hours in blood, so these bioactive elements with antioxidant capacity help prevent these diseases. Decaffeinated coffee has the same amount of antioxidants as regular coffee;
  2. Coffee improves physical performance, especially during periods of intense activities or workout because coffee acts as a pain reliever and also reduces muscle pain and soreness;
  3. Only two coffee species are used industrially, namely, the Arabica, which is more resistant to diseases and pests and has more caffeine, and the Robusta, which has twice as many sugars than Arabica;
  4. Coffee loses 70 percent of its aromatic properties two minutes after being ground while others hold up to 10 minutes;
  5. The “Grande” coffee from Starbucks has the same amount of caffeine as 9.5 Coca-Cola glasses;
  6. A species of coffee is naturally growing decaff – Coffeea charrierina, which is original from Cameroon;
  7. Astronauts need a special cup to drink coffee – This is one of the unknown curiosities of this drink. But those in space have to avoid the fact that there is no gravity in space, which makes astronauts drink coffee from a bag.
  8. Coffee fights against migraines, being rich in Vitamin B3 and a single cup of coffee provides 10% of the necessary daily dose of potassium;
  9. Approximately 1.7 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily;
  10. The first energy bars in the world were made with coffee, in Ethiopia – The coffee beans were combined with animal fat in the form of a chocolate bar;


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