Working Out Without Any Results – Here’s Why You Don’t Lose Weight

Working Out Without Any Results – Here’s Why You Don’t Lose Weight

Everyone has at least once in their life thought about losing weight. And because of the trends of living a healthier and fitter life, which are currently circulating, many men and women are eager to get slimmer.

People often go to the gym, walk longer distances, and multiply their physical activity, but they are still not losing any weight. What many people don’t understand is the process of burning the additional calories, says Alexxai Kravitz, an obesity researcher.

As Kravitz says, your body consumes energy which comes from the burning of calories, in three different methods. Firstly, the ratio at which your body burns the calories to generate energy; secondly, the energy utilized for the body’s primary functions; and thirdly, the energy consumed during physical activity. The way of consuming energy used by your body’s primary functions is the highest, trailed by physical activity, such as exercising, and the least consuming is the energy utilized to burn the extra calories.

Here’s why you don’t lose weight, although you’re working out

Kravitz says that another crucial point to know is that all the energy the body demands is found in the food one eats, and still, physical activity only takes up to 10 or 30 percent of this energy. It is, therefore, clear that to lose weight, you have to concentrate not only on how much physical activity you do but also on what you consume. 

Other components to take into consideration while fighting to lose weight include compensatory actions. These are practices you take up telling yourself that the calories you have eliminated permit you to compensate. For instance, eating unhealthy foods, eating more because the appetite has increased, slowing down, or resting more than before are all compensatory behaviors. The latter, resting more, will furthermore decrease your exercises, therefore, reducing your energy usage even more.

Even though physical activity alone might not be a sure way to lose weight, it comes with other great benefits to one’s health. As Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an obesity doctor says, physical activity helps prevent cancers, enhances blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar, makes you more vigilant, energetic, and happier.

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