What are Some of the Benefits of Yoga?

What are Some of the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga has many benefits. Whether you’re considering starting as a beginner, returning after a break, or need the inspiration to continue making time to practise yoga, here are some of the ways it can benefit you.

Lower back pain

You can use yoga for lower back pain if you suffer from muscle pain. However, it might still help to relieve chronic pain a little. Begin with some of the less strenuous techniques and make sure you stop if it triggers or worsens your pain. It can take some time to work out the best yoga exercises to manage your pain, but when you do, you will feel the benefits.

Increase your flexibility

Yoga can also improve your flexibility. It’s common for a beginner to struggle to manoeuvre their body into some of the yoga positions. Yet, after practising, and increasing their flexibility, they find these easier.

If you have limited mobility, even simple yoga exercises can improve your flexibility. This can help you in other areas of your life, and you are likely to find yourself able to stand for longer periods of time, walk for longer, etc.

Help with weight loss

Yoga can help with weight loss, although the more active forms of yoga will always promote more weight loss. Gentler forms can indirectly help. As this can increase mindfulness, you may be mentally able to resist foods that are bad for you. Another way yoga helps with weight loss is because it can increase and strengthen your muscles in a subtle way. Because muscle burns fat quicker, if you take up yoga while reducing your intake of unhealthy foods, you will burn up calories quicker, and this is more likely to lead to weight loss.

Protect you against injury

By strengthening your muscles, yoga can also protect you from injuries. So whether you’re prone to injuries, or you take part in activities such as running or team sports, you’re less likely to pick up an injury. If you do gentle yoga before a run, it stretches your limbs and reduces the chances of pulling a muscle. If you have a physically demanding job, the way yoga strengthens your body and increases flexibility can help with the demand placed on your body on a daily basis.

Improve your heart health

There are several reasons yoga can improve your heart health. It’s good for both mind and body. So, by improving your mental health, you can deal with stress more effectively. Stress can contribute to heart conditions, so by reducing this, you’re taking some of the strain off your heart. Physical exercise is also good for your body and reduces the risk of developing a heart condition or the risk posed by an existing condition.

Yoga is a great exercise because there are multiple benefits and it can be done by most people. Those with mobility issues can do the gentler exercises, while others can work their way up to the more advanced techniques. There are benefits to be gained from both options.

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