Top 7 Best Yoga Channels On YouTube

Top 7 Best Yoga Channels On YouTube

We, yoga lovers, know the struggle by now. You like doing some yoga in the comfort of your own home or want to save up some money, so you go online. You look up some yoga channels on YouTube, but then you stumble upon tens, if not hundreds of such guides. Luckily, here’s where we’re going to help you. Today we’re going to have a look at the best yoga YouTube channels we could find online. Of course, keep in mind that not any channel is suitable for everybody or offer complete or correct information, so be cautious with this.

Top 7 Best Yoga Channels On YouTube

Yoga House

Starting with a simple channel, we want to talk about Yoga House. Here you won’t find much about the spiritual side of yoga or the life forces, but you’ll see a lot about movements and poses. The significant advantage this channel offers is the fact that it combines a lot of different yoga poses, from Bikram and Ashtanga to power yoga.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

We can’t make a full list of the best YouTube yoga channels and not include yoga for kids. That is not just for the best interest of the kids, but also of their parents, when they want to practice yoga and can’t do it because of the little ones. The moves on this channel target younger children, plus they come up with brightly colored backgrounds and some easy instructions. However, who said parents couldn’t join in and have some fun in the meantime?

Fightmaster Yoga

Reaching to the third channel on our list, we have to include Fightmaster Yoga. What we liked about it is the fact that it contains various types of workouts, suitable for any day. For example, you can choose a tough yoga workout that provides for lots of activities for the hard days. Calming yoga poses are also a valid choice if you feel like winding down.

Interval Yoga

Things are getting more severe with this Interval Yoga channel. It focuses on building strength, so the workouts are quite advanced. If you’re a beginner, you should be thinking twice before starting with it. However, if you’re already mastering yoga, you should give it a shot and test the limits of your body.

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is a familiar name for anyone who has tried yoga from YouTube before. However, if you don’t know her yet, you should know she’s a pleasant presence that makes even the beginners feel relaxed with the yoga moves. Our tip is to start with her 30 days of yoga series, where you can learn a lot about poses and start correctly practicing them.

Yoga Online

Although it has quite a simple name, we couldn’t skip this YouTube channel. In our opinion, its main advantage is the emphasis it places on the mind-body connection of yoga. That is great for those who practice yoga for spirituality reasons, not just to keep themselves in shape. Here you will find mixed male and female instructors, which is excellent if you want to diversify your workouts


Finally, the last one of the yoga YouTube channels we thought worthy of being included here is the PsycheTruth. Rooted in the Swedish massage, you can also find here some pretty valuable yoga videos. They focus mainly on achieving a particular end, such as yoga workouts for abs, yoga for relaxation, for energy, or even for menstrual cramps, ladies. The best thing is that they publish a new video almost every day, which means you have enough material to get up and running with new and challenging yoga workouts.


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