Top 5 Fitness DVDs For Women To Get In Shape

Top 5 Fitness DVDs For Women To Get In Shape

Getting fit is challenging nowadays given the life we all live, high levels of stress, and other factors that affect our body and metabolism. Eating correctly is indeed the best thing we should do to get in shape. Also, physical activity is of great importance to lose weight, build muscle mass, or just maintain a healthy weight. I know that most of you lack enough free time, so it would be almost impossible to go to the gym and workout. Both man and women are affected equally by sedentary lifestyle or the lack of sufficient physical exercise. However, today we’ll focus on women, and present them the top 5 fitness DVDs for women to get in shape.

Top 5 Fitness DVDs For Women To Get In Shape

Fit After 40

As women age, their body changes so that would be more challenging than ever to maintain a healthy weight. Fit After 40 is a series of fitness DVDs specially created to deal with the issues a woman over 40 faces. Fit After 40 provides useful dietary tips with flexible meal templates and, in the center of all that, a series of 15-minute workouts and an eight to twelve weeks training plan.

The Toning Transformation

The Toning Transformation is also one of the top 5 fitness DVDs for women. Presented by the personal trainer Sarah Kusch, this workout DVD focuses on butt, belly, and thighs toning in 20-minute training sessions.

Flat Belly Yoga

Featuring Kimberly Fowler, Flat Belly Yoga concentrates on different yoga poses and yoga-related exercises to burn the belly fat in just a few minutes of training per day.

Fit in 10: Total Body Transformation

If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym or spend at home training, then Fit in 10: Total Body Transformation is your perfect ally to help you get in shape. This collection is one of the top 5 fitness DVDs for women that focuses on strength workouts. In only 10 minutes per day, Fit in 10: Total Body Transformation promises to sculpt your body and get you fit.

The Whole Body Cure

This is one of the most interesting fitness DVDs you’ll ever watch — The Whole Body Cure centers on the ancient Chinese practice known as Qigong which is all about flowing moves, specific breathing techniques, and meditation. Qigong is useful to boost the overall health but also to help people get in shape and achieve a balance between the mind and body.


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