Top 4 Best Fitness Apps That You Can Use In 2019

Top 4 Best Fitness Apps That You Can Use In 2019

We live in an age where your smartphone can play a variety of roles: a communication device, a handy camera, a source of entertainment, and much more. If you wish you can also convert it into a personal trainer, who can offer valuable advice and tips in real-time. Below you can find a selection of the best fitness apps which can help build that summer body with confidence and you can use in 2019.

Top 4 Best Fitness Apps That You Can Use In 2019

Fiit Club

This app is for those who wish to train at a competitive level by following live streams of HITT classes in real-time. If you opt for the premium version, the company will send you a custom chest strap for free. Wear it during exercises, and it will track the burned calories, heart rate, and reps, which will be used to estimate a score which appears on a leaderboard. Users can choose between five classes which take place five times per week.

Johnson & Johnson Seven Minute Workout

As the name may infer, this app will offer intense workouts which can be completed in a short period. The routines come with several personalization options, and you can customize them according to your wishes.

One You Couch to 5k

The name may be a bit strange, but this app is an excellent choice for those who want to begin with the basics. The main goal of the app is to train you to run 5 kilometers in 9 weeks, a goal which is flexible if you want to. It will alternate running with walking, and the only equipment you need is headphones and a pair of sports shoes.


If you need a noble reason to exercise this app is for you. The app is partnered with a selection of organizations, and they will receive money for each exercise you complete. Among the organizations, we can count Stand Up To Cancer, Every Mother Counts, and Save The Children.

These are just some of the best fitness apps which are available on the internet. Find the right one for you and go!


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