This 15-Minute Fitness Routine Is All That You Need To Be Fit, And It Is Expert-Granted Workout

This 15-Minute Fitness Routine Is All That You Need To Be Fit, And It Is Expert-Granted Workout

We have all been there. You want to practice a little sport, but you don’t have enough time. Celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather has you covered with an excellent 15-minute fitness routine which can be practiced almost everywhere.

Before you start

The first thing you need do is to start your favorite playlist for a great atmosphere. Grab your ideal sportswear and have a bottle of water and hand. You are good to go.

The 15-minute fitness routine

Start with eight high knees and focus on the kickbacks ( move four feet up so you can touch your rear). Move your arms with enthusiasm and alternate between them until the song is over. If you like something a little more challenging, you can also opt to alternate running high knees and kickbacks with a hop. Built your stamina may making stronger moves: move your knees higher, attempt more prominent hops and other.

A healthy diet remains essential

According to nutritionists, you should consume foods which are rich in energy. Bananas are high for this purpose since they have a large number of carbs, Vitamin B6, and potassium, which are quite handy when you want to boost your stamina and energy level.

Some studies note that they are excellent replacements for carbohydrates when performance is involved. They can be found quickly and are a healthy snack.

Keep yourself hydrated

The caffeine found in coffee and energy drinks will provide an extra boost of energy as it reaches your brain. While it can make you feel more alert and focused, it is advised to consume a limited amount if you want to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of caffeine overdose.

Staying hydrated is essential to drink a large amount of water during the day even if you aren’t thirsty. By practicing this 15-minute fitness routine and following the steps which can be found above, you will enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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