The Best 3 Netflix Shows To Get Your Workout Inspiration

The Best 3 Netflix Shows To Get Your Workout Inspiration

There is vast video content on Netflix, summing up movies, TV series, as well as fitness and workout videos. However, you might ask, how could be possible to get in shape with Netflix while sitting on your couch watching videos? Well, we’ll present you the best 3 Netflix shows to get your workout inspiration when you lack the push for physical activity.

The shows presented here are not only entertaining but will get you motivated to do more workouts and leave your comfy couch for some exercises at the gym room or right in the intimacy of your home.

From gymnastics to basketball, these best 3 Netflix shows will definitely get your workout inspiration in no time.

The Best 3 Netflix Shows To Get Your Workout Inspiration


Iverson is among the 50 best documentaries on Netflix, regardless of their topic, and is one of the most appreciated ones by every basketball fan. This documentary talks about the ups and downs of the NBA legend Allen Iverson’s career and life, as well.

This documentary presents how Iverson, a poor child, managed to become a worldwide icon in basketball.

Full Out

Presenting the life and sports story of the renowned American gymnast Ariana Berlin who got involved in a debilitating car accident that destroyed her dream to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The doctors did not give Ariana a single chance to full recovery, but she managed to come back and led the UCLA’s women’s gymnastics team to win a championship title.

Definitely, this is one of the best 3 shows on Netflix to get your workout inspiration.

The Get Down

Not much of a fitness documentary, but more of a musical and dance movie, The Get Down tells the story of the Hip-Hop music genre emergence and the end of the disco era at the end of 1977.

The Get Down is among the best Netflix shows to get your workout inspiration just because it will make you leave your couch and go “get your groove on” and start dancing around your living room. One way or another, you might lose some pounds and get motivated for physical activity.


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