The 3 Best Motivational Fitness Documentaries On Netflix

The 3 Best Motivational Fitness Documentaries On Netflix

As you already know so far, Netflix offers lots of movies and videos, from the most famous TV series to documentaries. Fitness movies on Netflix couldn’t miss, right? But, among this category, there are the motivational fitness documentaries, a particular sub-category of fitness movies designed to boost your morale and your training sessions. Here are the 3 best motivational fitness documentaries on Netflix.

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The 3 Best Motivational Fitness Documentaries On Netflix

Pumping Iron (1977)

In Pumping Iron (1977) you’ll watch a 28-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger during his training period for the sixth Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition after he won the previous five events.

This movie is motivational to some extent as it presents the struggle of Arnold to make a performance in the world of bodybuilding which made him world-renowned and paved the way for him to movies such as The Terminator.

SEC Storied: Lolo Jones (2012)

If you look at the Olympic hurdler Lori “Lolo” Jones, you’ll see a good-looking woman, full of life, and always smiling. But, in fact, she spent her childhood in poverty and lived in a church basement while she was in the elementary school. “Lolo” found her passion in hurdling and made a performance out of it winning at the Olympics and becoming the world’s champion.

As she says, “it’s my job to hurdle over obstacles, but I’ve hurdled over so many life obstacles, too.” Lori “Lolo” Jones teaches us an excellent lesson, namely, that whenever an obstacle pops up in our life, we can jump over it and conquer the world afterward.

30 For 30: Into The Wind

When it comes to the best motivational fitness documentaries in the world, 30 For 30: Into The Wind can’t be left out. There could be nothing more motivational than a one-legged man who decided to run across Canada for a noble cause.

Terry Fox lost his right leg to bone cancer, but that did not stop him. Fox decided to increase public and authorities awareness on cancer research and decided to do it by marathoning across Canada, back in the 80s.

His story was immortalized in 30 For 30: Into The Wind, a movie which deserves its place among the 3 best motivational fitness documentaries on Netflix.


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