Study Shows that You Can Get a Memory Boost Through Daily Exercise

Study Shows that You Can Get a Memory Boost Through Daily Exercise

Did you know that 45 minutes of daily exercise will improve your memory? A recent study is showing that people who have passed over the age of 50 years will see great memory improvements if they start practicing exercises such as yoga and tai chi. The aforementioned exercises will not only improve memory but will also improve thinking and attention skills. All that’s required is a 45 minute daily session of yoga or tai chi.

Memory Boost

Experts have conducted a study which has proven that 45 minutes of daily exercise will give older people a memory boost because their cognitive skills will be enhanced. However, the daily exercises don’t limit themselves to yoga and tai chi. Swimming, weight lifting and resistance running will also improve brain power.

Tai Chi

The art of tai chi is known for being based on slow, flowing movements which have been especially developed in order improve balance. Older people will find out that tai chi is not that hard on their body and that it can be practiced by everyone. Australian academics have stated the following regarding tai chi and memory boost: “It is an important finding because non-traditional modes of exercise, such as tai chi, may be suitable for less functional populations”.

Brain Power

Scientists have not been surprised by the fact that physical exercise enhances people’s brain power. Exercise will always get blood flowing and increase the oxygen intake which will finally result in a higher brain cell activity. We should also mention that previous studies have also shown that brain power is being boosted by exercise. However, not all of them have had proof such as this one.

Right now, there are over 39 published studies which speak about the brain power boosting through exercise theory. On the downside, only people over 50 years of age are able to benefit from this type of brain power boost.

Experts believe that physical exercise should become a must in every person’s life, especially in older people’s life. The NHS event went to the lengths of proposing that all ages should do 150 minutes of exercise a week such as running, walking or cycling.


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