Specialists Link Not Eating Breakfast Before Exercising To A Faster Rate of Losing Weight

Specialists Link Not Eating Breakfast Before Exercising To A Faster Rate of Losing Weight

Skipping breakfast might help you lose weight faster, as a recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests, but only if you exercise. Scientists claim that eating your breakfast before exercising might have a severe impact on the amount of weight that is lost through the training sessions. Thus, individuals have a higher chance to lose weight in a smaller amount of time should they skip the morning meal before exercising, as specialists from the University of Bath in England state.

Having breakfast before exercising causes us to eat more throughout the day

The explanation is a quite simple one, and it is linked to a brain reaction that causes the organism to compensate for the energy invested in the exercise session by giving you a hunger sensation, making you want to eat more or move less throughout the rest of the day. The biological signal your brain sends to your body tends to restrain us from moving and encourages us to eat.

Thus, the authors of this study suggest that it is better to skip breakfast before exercising to prevent this from happening.

To gain valuable information to draw a relevant conclusion, 12 healthy and active men participated in this study on three separate mornings as follows. In the first morning, they ate a 430-calorie breakfast and rested for several hours, while in the second morning they were given the same oatmeal, but they exercised by riding the bike for roughly one hour after the meal, while in the last morning, participants skipped eating before cycling.

Skipping breakfast before exercising speed up the weight loss process

To closely keep track of their daily calories, each of the respondents received a basket of food from which they had to eat throughout the days of the study and were requested to return the food that remained untouched.

The results show that those who did not eat before exercises were interested only in more calories comparative to previous lab visits. By the end of the day, the study shows that they reported an energy deficit of roughly 400 calories, meaning that they regained some of the calories that were burned through exercise.

The study leader, Javier Gonzales, states that this study is compelling evidence that working out before eating prevents us from eating more throughout the day, which leads to a faster loss of weight.

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