Physical Exercises Might Boost Healthy Eating Habits

Physical Exercises Might Boost Healthy Eating Habits

A new study reported that physical exercises might boost healthy eating habits, that besides helping people stay in shape, as we already know. According to the research, people who regularly workout are more likely to choose fruits, vegetables, and lean meat, in comparison with those who follow a sedentary lifestyle, who, at their turn, are craving for fried foods, sweets, and sodas, among other unhealthy food.

The recent research, however, is only statistical, and it didn’t focus on the mechanisms that make those people who exercise regularly to choose healthy dietary habits. According to some previous studies, that might relate tot he fact that workout sessions balance the appetite-regulating hormones in the body.

“The process of becoming physically active can influence dietary behavior. One of the reasons that we need to promote exercise is for healthy eating habits it can create in other areas. That combination is very powerful,” said Molly Bray of the University of Texas at Austin in the US.

Physical Exercises Might Boost Healthy Eating Habits

“Many people in the study didn’t know they had this active, healthy person inside them. Some of them thought their size was inevitable. For many of these young people, they are choosing what to eat and when to exercise for the first time in their lives,” added Molly Bray.

In the study, the participants were instructed not to change their eating habits and diet significantly but were asked to perform about 30 minutes of physical exercises per week. However, the most significant results were recorded in those subjects who completed 30-minute aerobic workouts three times a week for 15 weeks.

In conclusion, physical exercises might boost healthy eating habits, according to a new study, but the mechanisms behind this process are not known yet, but it might relate to the fact that workouts balance the appetite-regulating hormones in the body.


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  1. Physical exercise might boost healthy eating habits indeed. I have always thought that is DOES. Well, put it this way, it does with me at least lol. And, it is about time that there were studies on this subject. I happen to find it fascinating, Thank you for bringing this to my attention guys, it’s appreciated.



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