Physical Activity During Middle Age Prolongs Life, New Research Concluded

Physical Activity During Middle Age Prolongs Life, New Research Concluded

A new study conducted by a team in the United Kingdom and published in the BMJ theorizes that people who exercise regularly might have a better chance of living longer than those who do not engage in physical activity. The persons targeted are the middle-aged and older adults. The study also adds that these people didn’t necessarily have to be active in their youth.

As we all know, physical activity is good for us. Not only because it keeps us fit, but also because physical activity can decrease the risk of cardiovascular ailments and various cancers.

The research compiled data about how much activity people had over eight years. More than 14,500 people, with ages between 40 and 80 years old, were part of the study. After the initial period of examination, the subjects were kept under surveillance another 12.5 years on average. During this time, 3,148 deaths had been recorded, among which 950 people died because of cardiovascular complications, while 1,091 from cancer.

Physical Activity During Middle Age Prolongs Life

The team of researchers took into consideration not only physical activities that people did in their free time but also activities that they did at work. People that registered an increase of physical activity over the years, meaning that they ended their sedentary lives and started exercising at least 150 minutes every week, also recorded a lowered risk of death no matter the cause by 24%.

They also had a 29% reduced risk of cardiovascular death and 11% reduced risk of cancer death. In general, people who have 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity can reduce deaths correlated to a sedentary lifestyle by 42%. Of course, all these results were made in comparison with people that continued to lead a sedentary life. 

The results are encouraging as they demonstrate that no matter our current state in regards to physical activities, we can begin exercising and still make a difference in our lives. We can only prosper from turning to physical activity.


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