Netflix of Fitness – Train At Home With These Amazing Fitness Streaming Platforms

Netflix of Fitness – Train At Home With These Amazing Fitness Streaming Platforms

Working out has a fantastic effect on both your health and your aspect. Unfortunately, we all live busy lifestyles, and this might stop us from going to the gym sometimes. Training from your own home might not be as motivating, but we have a solution for that. Fitness streaming platforms, a sort of Netflix of fitness, allow you to access high-quality workout videos that come with the advice of professional personal trainers, as well, for you to train at home.

Netflix of Fitness – Best Fitness Streaming Platforms To Train At Home


Plankk comes with numerous workout videos from well-known fitness trainers. The platform does come with a particular feature, which differentiates it from the rest. When you use Plankk, you are also able to interact with trainers. That means that you can share progress or ask them various questions.

A monthly subscription costs $14.99. You can also choose a token payment system, as tokens are cheaper if you buy more at once. Tokens can be used for live classes.


Ae you attracted by boxing, but you want to try it out at home? Download FlightCamp. The app is exceptional, as you will receive gloves that are connected with a sensor that will record your movements so you can receive feedback right away.


FitOn is also one of the best fitness streaming platforms out there because it allows you to choose between numerous types of workout videos. You can select dance, cardio or strength workouts, and it is all up to you. You will also discover famous trainers including Katie Dunlop, Cassey Ho, and others.

The app isn’t that expensive either, and it will cost you $14.99 per month, or $119.99 per year.


If you are not ready for a demanding fitness workout, you might want a more spiritual alternative. OMstars, one of the best fitness streaming platforms to train at home, delivers yoga classes. You can also choose your level, and decide whether you are a beginner or more than that.


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