Myths That Make Weight Loss Seem Impossible

Myths That Make Weight Loss Seem Impossible

How to lose weight is a question that most people ask daily, and there are many different answers. The trick is finding which one works for you. Here are some tips to help you on your journey:


  • Myth 1: I can’t lose weight because of my genetics

This is usually the first excuse that people come up with when they don’t have the results they want in their fitness routine. To begin with, it would be highly unlikely that your DNA was the reason why you weren’t losing weight. It’s more likely that you are eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol, or not working out enough. These things will cause you to gain weight, not your genes.


  • Myth 2: I do cardio all the time so I can eat whatever I want!

Your cardiovascular health is very important but if you aren’t also focusing on your nutrition then you won’t see results. You still need to cut back on fats and carbs and increase protein intake in order to lose weight. Cardio exercise is great for burning fat but you still need to pay attention to what you eat.



  • Myth 3: If a little exercise is good, more must be better

While exercise will help with your weight loss goals, it is important not to overdo it. If you’re new to exercise, start slow and build up slowly so your body has time to adapt and avoid injury. Overdoing it can cause more harm than good by causing joint pain or muscle strains that could sideline you from working out altogether. Also, if your workouts are too intense or too long, you will end up burning fewer calories because your body will spend extra energy repairing itself and recovering instead of burning fat or building muscle mass.

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