Muscle Stiffness After Intense Workouts Can Be Alleviated Naturally – Here Is How!

Muscle Stiffness After Intense Workouts Can Be Alleviated Naturally – Here Is How!

We are heading towards the summer at cruising speed and as we get closer and closer, it is very likely that we’d want to get fit and lose some weight. But, after working out, it is also very likely to face muscle stiffness, a painful sensation that reduces the mobility and can force us to quit training.

The muscle stiffness occurs after intensely exercising specific parts of the body, which causes small breaks in muscle fibers. If we are used to a sedentary lifestyle, we can not avoid the aches and muscle pains but we can alleviate it.

Hydration is fundamental

The loss of water in the form of sweat favors the appearance of the muscle stiffness.

Water losses, accompanied by minerals loss, such as potassium, cause muscle weakness. If we do not hydrate well, then it can generate more muscle damage and an inflammation increase in the body.

Recover lost minerals

Magnesium is another element that is depleting when exercising and if we don’t recover it we can suffer muscle spasms, cramps or stiffness. Therefore, restoring minerals and fatty acids is essential to help our body work properly and overcome muscle stiffness.

Milk, nuts, soybeans or green leafy vegetables are very rich in magnesium.

Omega 3

Foods rich in Omega 3, such as fatty fish, nuts or flax, mitigate muscle inflammation. Also, foods that contain flavonoids, such as apples, onions or apricots, mitigate inflammation.


Inflammation in the body can be reduced with diets rich in phytochemicals (elements that are naturally found in some foods and fight against inflammation).

Blackberries, apples, onions, broccoli, celery, or thyme contain phytochemicals and successfully combat muscle stiffness.

Carbohydrates and proteins

Carbs and proteins must be taken from the diet to help the muscles recovered successfully.

We must ingest an appropriate amount of both carbohydrates and proteins as both favor anabolism, which is the natural process of muscle mass growth and repair.

Cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ginger

Cayenne is a spice that accelerates the metabolism and it is one of the best natural analgesics, therefore, it good against muscle stiffness. Also, cinnamon and ginger accelerate metabolism, so they help prevent inflammation in the body.


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  1. thank you very much for this great article on Muscle Stiffness After Intense Workouts. Although I was aware of most if not all of it, it is great to see someone else spreading the good word. I also like the aspect of it being naturally addressed. In particular, I like the piece about magnesium as people very often overlook this element. And what you say is bang on, sweating away this mineral contribute to sore muscles.

    All in all, I find this post to be full of good information. Moreover, it is extremely helpful too. Let’s just hope that people take action and have some of the sensible food suggestions.

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