MABB Fit Campaign – Exercise Without Limits

MABB Fit Campaign – Exercise Without Limits

We know, every day you see a new commercial or ad marketing some new piece of exercise equipment that promises to transform you over night. So why would the MABBfit campaign be any different? Apparently, it’s the “real deal” as Taylor, who lives in Sydney and who put up the Kickstarter campaign, declared. His goal is to reach $30,000 by June 10, and then he wants to bring the product on the market.

What’s So Special about It?

This new device is the size of a skateboard and it looks like a figure eight. Some say that it even resembles the hoverboard that was featured in the Back to the Future II movie. Taylor declared that he spent 10 years working on the design and not he can present a cutting edge device.

The portable unit, which weighs 13 pounds, comes wrapped in a yoga mat. And the element that makes it so special is the fact that you can use the MABBfit in hundreds of configurations, depending on your needs and wishes. The base is made up of 2 rings that weigh 3 pounds.

They pop out and can be used as stepper for aerobics, gliders, weights or push-up bars. You can increase the weights if you attach the resistance bands that come included. Moreover, the yoga mat can even double as a vest, to which you can attach the resistance bands if you want to do some squats that are anatomically correct.

In Taylor’s opinion, exercising is the key to a better life, and he says that from his position of an ex-addict struggling with mental health issues. He has been drug-free for almost 7 years, during which he tried 46 prototypes. As such, now he wants to make his dream come true, aiming to bring this product to the market as soon as he can.

“In about the last five months, I really just said, this is my dream, it’s been my dream for over a decade, and if I’m going to live my life following my dreams, that’s who I am. I’m not going to be that person who wants to look back and regret because I didn’t go after something that I truly in my heart believed in and wanted to do. That comes with a lot of chance.”


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