Lose Weight Fast With These Six Exercises

Lose Weight Fast With These Six Exercises

In a world in which more and more technologies are developed in order to make life so much easier, people are being less and less physically active. Even though everyone knows about the benefits of physical activities, such as the decrease in the risk of obesity, heart conditions and other ailments, we no longer make time for improving our health.

Instead, we choose to follow diets that, even though they might have impressive results, do not last mostly because we do not combine them with weekly physical activities. In the end, we end up discarding the diets and everything else and we find ourselves back to where we started. Here are six simple exercises that can help you lose weight, without changing your lifestyle too much.

Six exercises to lose weight fast


The key to doing Pilates with the intent of losing weight around the waist is that you have to do it for 90 minutes three times a week. The good thing about these exercises is that they employ low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements.


Yoga is good not only to decrease stress but also to decrease weight. Do it for 90 minutes two times a week and your waist will be slimmer by 1.5 inches.


It is universally acknowledged that jogging or running has many advantages, especially concerning your health. You can lose weight, but you can also improve other ailments, such as heart diseases and diabetes.


The best part of cycling is that you don’t have to do it outside, especially in cold winter days. Cycling has almost the same benefits as jogging and running. About 90 minutes of cycling sessions three times a week are more than enough to lose weight fast.


Only 60 minutes of swimming three times a day can make wonders. It reduces body fat and strengthens your muscles, but also decreases the risk of heart diseases.


What can be easier than walking to lose weight? Instead of opting for using your car or any other vehicle, choose to walk from one place to another. Forget about the polluting means of transportation, walking is the new trend. Walking between 50 to 70 minutes three times a week can decrease the waist by 1.1 inches.

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