How Stretching Can Benefit Your Body

How Stretching Can Benefit Your Body

Stretching is often thought of as a way to warm up before exercising, but it can also be used as part of a cool-down after exercise. It’s important to remember that when you stretch your muscles you must be gentle and not force the movement. This will help prevent injury and increase your range of motion.

There are three main types of stretches: static, ballistic and dynamic.

Static stretches are held for 20 seconds or longer. They work best when performed after a workout because they loosen up the muscles that have been worked hard during exercise. Static stretches should never be painful – if they are causing pain then you should stop immediately!

Ballistic stretches involve bouncing or swinging the muscle being stretched in an active manner before holding it in one position for a period of time – usually 10 seconds or less. This type of stretching is good for warming up before exercise because it increases blood flow to the muscles being stretched, as well as increasing their temperature

Dynamic stretching is a type of stretching that involves moving the body parts being stretched. Dynamic stretching is used for warming up and cooling down, or as part of a warm-up routine before exercise. Dynamic stretches are often used by athletes before sport activity in order to increase their range of motion.


Stretching helps increase your range of motion. When you stretch, you create space between the joints in your body. This allows more room for muscles and tendons to move freely without being restricted by surrounding bones and connective tissue.

It helps prevent injury. Stretching can help protect against muscle tears and other overuse injuries that occur when muscles are at their weakest point during exercise. Regular stretching will also increase your range of motion, which reduces the risk of injury no matter what type of physical activity you’re doing (whether it’s running or lifting weights).

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