Hot Yoga is What You Need to Stop That Emotional Eating and Negative Thoughts

Hot Yoga is What You Need to Stop That Emotional Eating and Negative Thoughts

Practicing yoga has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, to stop negative feelings and emotional eating. Also, yoga is good for physical health as a body exercising sport.

If twenty years ago yoga was not so popular, nowadays it has plenty of adepts worldwide and it is also a life style choice.

Experts share their research on yoga

Some research study link meditation, a core activity ion yoga with higher insulin production and a less fast cellular aging. Other studies suggest yoga also helps in the inflammation genes department. The inflammation genes and depression are connected and therefore, yoga helps in stress relieving and depression.

Bikram yoga

Study 1

According to a study conducted by Lindsey Hopkins from the San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center and Sarah Shallit forms the Alliant International University, people who practice Bikram hot yoga have managed to reduce their anxiety levels and overcome depression. For the study 52 women suffering from depression and unhealthy eating habits were studied. 27 of the women attended hot yoga classes for 8 weeks, two times a week and 25 of the women were used as the control group. The results pin pointed that the 27 women practicing Bikram hot yoga managed to reduce stress and emotional eating three times lower than those who did not practice yoga.

Study 2

In another study, Maren Nyer and his colleagues from the Massachusetts General Hospital used 29 adults (the majority women) showing moderate depression sings. Those who attended an average of 8 weekly classes of Bikram hot yoga managed to reduce depression levels and improved tremendously.

According to Nyer yoga is the key to returning to homeostasis by rebalancing our nervous system. Other experts also believe that yoga works because it is not only the emotional baggage, but also the importance of working your body.


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