Get Your Body Ready for Summer with These Two Exercises

Get Your Body Ready for Summer with These Two Exercises

As we’re nearing peak summer season, many of us are already thinking about those cocktails we’ll be enjoying on the beach, in the shade of a palm tree. But before reaching our dream destinations, we also have to make sure we’re comfortable in our own bodies. And this means one thing: working on our summer body.

On this topic, the Daily Post has interviewed former doctor Michael Mosley, who is well known to the British public for his efficient advice on dieting and weight loss. Apart from a healthy and balanced diet, he presented two types of physical exercises that can be easily included in a daily routine and which are guaranteed to help you shape your summer body. Furthermore, if performed on a daily basis, the exercises will begin showing results soon after beginning the schedule, which is great news if your vacation is quickly approaching.

Therefore, according to Dr. Mosley, here are the two exercises you should do daily to build your summer body.

  1. Push-ups

A great exercise for building upper body strength, push-ups engage the triceps, the pectoral muscles and the shoulders. If done correctly, they can also strengthen the abdominal and lower back muscles. An important aspect to have in mind when doing push-ups is to maintain a good form, with your back straight and your butt down. According to Healthline, “your body should form a straight line. Don’t arch your back or let your body sag down.”

  1. Squats

While push-ups train the upper body, squats will engage the lower body, activating the glutes and quadriceps, but also the hip muscles, calves, hamstrings and obliques. Apart from contributing to burning calories, WebMD emphasizes that squats also strengthen the tendons, bones and ligaments, reducing the risk of knee and ankle injuries.

As the two types of exercises target different areas of the body, combining them will create a full-body workout that will tone and strengthen your muscles, supporting weight loss and helping you achieve the summer body you dream of.

However, the catch is that you need the discipline to do them daily. But the good news is that you can start slow, by doing as many as you can in the beginning. Then, you can gradually increase the number of repetitions and challenge your muscles more, making them stronger.

But you should keep in mind that losing weight takes more than incorporating these two exercises into your daily habits. According to Dr. Mosley, “exercise alone is [not] going to help you lose weight, but it improves your mood if nothing else. The data suggests if you combine it [diet] with exercise that’s a great way [to lose weight].”


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