Get Rid Of Cankles In No Time With These Exercises You Can Do At Home

Get Rid Of Cankles In No Time With These Exercises You Can Do At Home

Cankles are a common problem affecting women. It is the term used to describe when your calf muscle is not able to bulge out like it should. This can be due to various factors, including genetics or simply having a weak muscle.

The good news is that you can get rid of your cankles by doing some simple exercises on a regular basis. The best way to get rid of cankles? Exercise! As long as you stick to the right exercises, they’ll be gone in no time.

The most effective calf exercises are those that require you to stand up straight while pushing against something with your toes or heels — such as wall push-ups or step ups — rather than squatting down on one leg at a time. The reason this type of exercise works better is because it activates your gastrocnemius (the larger outer muscle) more than the soleus (the smaller inner muscle).

The following are some of the best calf exercises that you can do at home:

  • Standing Calf Raises: Stand on a platform with your toes hanging off the edge. Slowly raise your heels as high as possible, then slowly lower them back down again. Repeat this exercise 10 times per set, holding each rep for one second at the top position and two seconds at the bottom position. Do two sets per session, three times per week for maximum results.
  • Squats: This exercise works wonders on all parts of your body, especially your thighs and glutes (buttocks). You should always hold weights while doing squats as this will help tone up your upper body as well as strengthen your lower body muscles faster.
  • Seated Calf Raises: Sit on a bench or chair with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent at 90-degrees (or as close as possible). Lift one leg off the ground and raise it straight up towards your butt so that only your toes are touching the ground (don’t let them curl up!). Hold for 1 second before lowering back down slowly.

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