Get Fit With Three Simple Exercises You Can Do At Home Anytime

Get Fit With Three Simple Exercises You Can Do At Home Anytime

Losing weight and getting fit are never easy tasks. However, with a balanced diet and some physical activity, everybody can manage to shed a few pounds and build a muscular look. Here are three simple exercises to get fit and five tips to follow to lose weight and be healthy.

Get fit with three simple exercises you can do at home anytime

Plank exercise


The starting position is standing face down on your hands and knees. Then, lower your forearms to the floor with your elbows under your shoulders and your hands apart. The arms should form a 90-degree angle and with the body.

Step back one leg at a time, maintain a straight line from heels to head, and tighten your abdominal muscles and hold the position.




In order to do this exercise, you have to lie down looking at the ceiling with your knees bent and your soles on the floor. Lift your hips upwards, tightening the abdominal and buttock muscles.

You’ll see the results after a few sessions, as this exercise will help you get fit in no time.



In this exercise, you will tone your legs and buttocks. To perform it correctly, you will have to stand upright, with your back straight. Stride forward with one leg while descending your other leg towards the ground until your knee touches the soil.

Five tips to lose weight and maintain your health
  • Walk, swim and do toning exercises – Walking and swimming are low-impact exercises that practically anyone without too much physical preparation can do, and they burn a lot of calories;
  • Exercising at noon and in hot weather is never a good idea – Working out at high temperatures is an unnecessary risk;
  • Wear loose and lightweight clothing and, above all, never wear nylon clothes to lose more weight, as it is an unnecessary risk, especially during hot summer days;
  • Always start with low-demanding exercises and gradually increase their intensity;
  • You should avoid sugary drinks to get fit – There’s no breaking news on this one, as sugary sodas are not beneficial for your weight and health;


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