Get Fit for Free At Home: 3 Streaming Platforms To Watch Workout Videos

Get Fit for Free At Home: 3 Streaming Platforms To Watch Workout Videos

While many of us use streaming platforms to relax and get entertained as they are offering us a lot of movies and TV shows, not many people know that these streaming services also provide some of the world’s best fitness videos. And the best part is that the majority of them are costless so you can get fit for free at home. Here are three streaming platforms to watch workout videos – YouTube, All Fitness TV, and Amazon Prime.

In this regard, we’ve already presented you some of the best workout videos on Netflix, as well as the world’s top-rated health documentaries on Netflix (part 1 / part 2).

Today, however, we’ll talk about other streaming platforms which need no subscription and where we can watch workout videos. We will also give you some recommendations for you not to lose time searching. Thus, you can now get fit for free at home spending only up to one hour a day.

Get Fit for Free At Home: 3 Streaming Platforms To Watch Workout Videos

BeFit Channel on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent streaming platform, that’s for sure, and besides music, podcasts, vlogging, documentaries, and even movies and TV shows, this Google service for video content also offers some of the best workout videos you’ll find online.

Our recommendation for you to get fir for free at home with YouTube is the BeFit Channel. With tons of fitness videos and about 3 million happy subscribers, BeFit Channel on YouTube is fabulous.

All Fitness TV for Roku

If you have Roku or PlayStation, Xbox, or other streaming devices, then you can enjoy All Fitness TV’s top-rated workout videos. Covering many areas of the fitness field, such as yoga, dancing, aerobic, pregnancy fitness, and many more, All Fitness TV is one of the best streaming platforms to watch tons of full-length workout videos.

8-Minute Abs Workout on Amazon Prime

Pretty much like Netflix, Hulu, and other similar paid streaming platforms, Amazon Prime is giving access to tons of movies and TV shows for your entertainment. And precisely like Netflix, this videos streaming service is also providing its members a lot of workout videos.

Even though it’s working on paid subscriptions, Amazon Prime gives you free access to these fitness vids once you’ve signed up for a free trial. Our recommendation for this one is 8-Minute Abs Workout video series which helps people burn up to 110 calories per day in only 8 minutes of daily exercise.


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