Chocolate Milk Is A Great After-Workout Snack To Refuel Your Body

Chocolate Milk Is A Great After-Workout Snack To Refuel Your Body

When searching for a useful post-workout snack, it’s hard to find a good and healthy one. But, luckily, chocolate milk is a great after-workout snack to refuel your body.

First, we should talk about what your body requires after a workout session and what should you eat or drink to replenish the depleted resources.

Regardless of what you’re doing, be it lifting weights or doing a cardio session, your body will use the glycogen resources to produce the energy you need during your training. The majority of the glycogen resources are stored in skeletal muscles and the liver and, once you deplete it, you’re feeling fatigue.

Bodybuilders can store more glycogen in the muscles thanks to their increased muscle mass, and you can achieve that, too, through training. However, until you reach that level, you can opt for a pre-workout meal rich in carbohydrates to offer your body the needed energy during the training session.

As for an after-workout snack, chocolate milk is great

After each training session, your body starts recovering the lost glycogen resources for repairing and/or building your muscles, depending on how intense your training was.

To replenish the glycogen resources in the muscles and to help it build muscle mass, you’re going to need two significant components, namely, carbohydrates and proteins.

That’s precisely why chocolate milk is a great after-workout snack, as it contains carbohydrates, found in both the lactose and the chocolate syrup you add in milk, and dairy proteins from the milk.

“A fast-acting protein works best; however, for the recreational athlete and competitive as well, chocolate milk may be fine. You just need to drink a bit more to get the same protein content. The chocolate content will help active insulin which will increase amino acid and glucose uptake, [which is] important for enhancing recovery from exercise,” explained Jay Hoffman from the University of Central Florida’s Sport and Exercise Science program.


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