Cannabis And Workout? It Might Be A Good Idea, Some Fitness Buffs Say

Cannabis And Workout? It Might Be A Good Idea, Some Fitness Buffs Say

Every pot smoker in the world would tell you that marijuana is making you lazy. Thus, there’s no way to combine cannabis and workout. However, that’s not what Adrian Landini, a winner of about 24 marathons, and Bethany Rae, two fitness buffs, think. He even made a habit out of running while high on cannabis, and now he shared his story with The Candian Press, cited by National Post.

According to Landini, he sometimes smokes pot before jogging, but, the most of the time, he lights a joint up while running.

“I just kind of zen out, I pay attention to my movements and what’s around me and whatnot and just bring it in with good form,” said Adrian Landini for The Canadian Press.

As the 43-year-old Toronto resident admitted, marijuana helps with the sense of awareness while running, although it might also be harmful to those who can’t deal with pain, because it might cause some shocks at the feet level.

Cannabis And Workout? It Might Be A Good Idea, According To Some Fitness Buffs

Besides Adrian Landini, there are many more fitness buffs who think that cannabis and workout go hand-in-hand, as reported by The Canadian Press, cited by National Post. One of them is the Vancouver-based advocate Bethany Rae who admits she likes smoking some marijuana before taking long bike trips.

“Occasionally I might lightly use a vape pen and take one or two draws on that,” Rae said. Also, she added that she is more likely to smoke while jogging and doing Yoga as “the mind-body connection can be enhanced” that way.

However, Bethany admits she’s more into applying Cannabidiol (CBD) gels on her joints before working out since that would help her resist more and avoid inflammatory issues that might occur during hard training.

In conclusion, even though it might sound nuts for some people, cannabis and workout can be mixed, at least according to some fitness buffs.


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