Best YouTube Fitness Channels Full of Workout Videos For You To Get Fit At Home

Best YouTube Fitness Channels Full of Workout Videos For You To Get Fit At Home

As you might look for a simple and costless method to lose some weight and get your meal kits planned, we have the perfect collection of workout videos on the best YouTube fitness channels out there. With only a few tens of minutes of training a day, you can build the muscles you’ve always dreamed about.

While many streaming platforms offer lots of workout videos, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, the best YouTube fitness channels are totally free of any costs and you can access them from virtually any device at any moment of the day. And the best part of this is that the majority of the fitness videos on Google’s streaming platform teach you to get fit at home without requiring workout gear.

Best YouTube Fitness Channels To Get Fit At Home


Blogilates is a YouTube fitness channel launched in 2009 by Cassey Ho and has quickly become one of the most massive female-focused workout videos databases on Google’s videos platform.

The fitness videos on Blogilates center on Cassey Ho’s POP Pilates program which combines pop music dancing with pilates. Also, her videos range from a few minutes to full-length workout videos of 20 minutes and more.


“Every Heart and Soul deserves to be fit” is the motto of the HASFit YouTube channel, a substantial workout videos content channel that covers lots of training techniques. HASFit comes with 1,000 full-length fitness vids, 30-90 day fitness and meal plans, as well as guides regarding diet and training.

HASFit guarantees to always keep their videos free on YouTube and promise viewers that they can burn 300 calories during 30-min training and get fit at home with ease.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up, created by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, is a full workout videos program with tons of fitness vids and dietary guidelines, among others. However, some parts of the program are not free, but the majority of the videos are available for free on Tone It Up which is one of the best YouTube fitness channels to help you get fit at home for free.

Tone It Up covers many types of training from aerobics to physical exercises with weights, stretching workouts, and many more.


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