Best Workout Videos On Netflix That You Must Watch To Get In Shape

Best Workout Videos On Netflix That You Must Watch To Get In Shape

Netflix has become the undisputed leader in online video streaming services. It covers all areas of online streaming content, including movies, TV series, instructional videos, as well as workout videos. The Netflix workout videos database includes hundreds, maybe thousands, of such video content, so, you can become bewildered about which are the best workout videos on Netflix.

The advantage of using Netflix workout videos for fitness training lies in the versatility of training as you can do it whenever you have some free time to spare.

Those who have a full schedule and are not able to keep up with a regular fitness regimen can watch workout videos on Netflix on any device, including PC, TV, or mobile devices via the Netflix App.

Best Fitness Gear:

Best Workout Videos On Netflix

Trainer’s Edge: Killer Abs and Back

Michael Olajide’s 41-minute workout video features full-body training and body sculpting techniques such as rope jumping, abdominal muscle training, and even boxing.

This program is highly efficient in burning fat tissue and putting on lean muscles.

Self: Bikini Ready, Fast!

Like the title implies, this is a Netflix fitness video created specifically for women. The well-reputed fitness coach Ellen Barrett introduces this video by focusing on the upper side of the body.

This 30-minute, extremely powerful workout program based on dumbbell exercising is promising to deliver noticeable positive outcomes within 1 month. Besides, two 5-pound dumbbells represent everything you will need to make this training work.

10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix

The dance workout videos from Netflix provide an exciting new concept in which you can get slimmer while having fun, as well. If you’ re interested in getting slim while dancing, then this 50-minute video is what you need, as it combines aerobic exercises with toning workouts.

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi

The Tai Chi is a Chinese practice that improves the suppleness of the body while soothes the mind. Being useful for middle-aged people, especially for those who are under stress, it has also been proved that Tai Chi treats chronic pain.

The Bottom Line

As Netflix is the most reputable online video streaming service, by now, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of these videos.

Definitely, these best workout videos on Netflix will not contain any dangerous exercises that would injure you. However, you should always warm-up well before starting to workout but you’ll get everything you’ll need in these fitness videos.

Fitness Programs

While all of these five fitness programs are great, you might want to take into consideration combining them with other workouts. There are a lot of options available and if you feel that the risk of watching a movie instead of a fitness program is too high, we recommend you the old-fashioned DVDs.

Some of these fitness programs also come with a nutrition plan, which would be a complete solution for changing your lifestyle.

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