Best Time To Exercise: Morning or Evening?

Best Time To Exercise: Morning or Evening?

As with most things in life, people tend to have different preferences. In the case of exercising, some prefer mornings and others like evenings. A morning run can be the same as drinking a coffee for the morning exercisers. But not everyone is a morning person.

People that have low energy in the morning generally prefer evening time or the night. They tend to build up their energy with the passing of the day. This means that they’re ready to exercise after sundown and sweat their stress away.

It is complicated to say who is getting the most benefit from their workout time frame. But a recent study gives some information on the effects of exercising at different times of the day.

When to Exercise – Morning Vs. Evening

Morning exercise might stimulate the body into assimilating sugar and fat more efficiently. This is the method that is generally preferred by different types of athletes. As it is usually believed a very early workout is more efficient.

On the other hand, exercising in the evening uses less oxygen, and most people tend to have more energy or be more relaxed in that part of the day. Professionals tend to have a morning and an evening workout, so maybe each one has its advantages.

Both mice and humans were put on treadmills in the mornings and in the evenings to see how they perform. In both test species, it was discovered that less oxygen was consumed in the evening run, and they could last longer before reaching exhaustion.

Which Is Better For You?

It all depends on the status of your body and what your goals are. Morning exercise is fo you if you’re trying to lose weight faster or if you need to control your blood sugar. Exercising in this time frame would also mean a very light breakfast or even opting for the Italian style, no food until lunch.

If you do not need to lose a lot of weight and your body chemistry is in a balanced state, then evening exercise is for you. This time frame would be served for getting ripped, increasing stamina or more athletic pursuits.

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